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How to Use Cheat Engine in Soukoku no Arterial

How to Use Cheat Engine in Soukoku no Arterial

Soukoku no Arterial is a card battle SRPG developed by Eushully and released in 2012. It features a complex and engaging story that branches depending on your choices and alliances. You can play as an angel, a human, or a devil, and recruit various characters to your party. The game also has a card system that determines your abilities and skills in battle.

soukoku no arterial cheat engine

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However, some players may find the game too challenging or tedious, especially when it comes to grinding for experience points, items, or cards. If you are one of them, you may want to use Cheat Engine to modify some aspects of the game and make it easier or more fun. Cheat Engine is a free software that allows you to scan and change the values of memory addresses in any running process on your computer.

In this article, we will show you how to use Cheat Engine in Soukoku no Arterial and give you some tips and tricks on what you can do with it. Please note that using Cheat Engine may cause instability or bugs in the game, so use it at your own risk and make sure to backup your save files before trying anything.

How to Use Cheat Engine in Soukoku no Arterial

First, you need to download and install Cheat Engine from its official website: Then, launch Soukoku no Arterial and load your save file. Next, launch Cheat Engine and click on the "Select a process to open" button (the computer icon) on the top left corner. A list of processes will appear. Find the one that corresponds to Soukoku no Arterial (it should be something like "soukoku.exe") and click on it. Then click on "Open".

Now you are ready to scan and change the values of memory addresses in Soukoku no Arterial. There are two main ways to do this: using the "Value Type" option or using the "Unknown initial value" option.

Using the "Value Type" Option

This option is useful when you know the exact value of what you want to change, such as your money, experience points, or card levels. For example, if you want to change your money, follow these steps:

  • In Soukoku no Arterial, open the menu and check how much money you have.

  • In Cheat Engine, type that amount in the "Value" box and select "4 Bytes" as the "Value Type". Then click on "First Scan". A list of memory addresses with that value will appear on the left panel.

  • In Soukoku no Arterial, spend or earn some money so that your money amount changes.

  • In Cheat Engine, type the new amount of money in the "Value" box and click on "Next Scan". The list of memory addresses will be reduced to those that match the new value.

  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have only one or a few memory addresses left on the list.

  • Select one of them and double-click on it. It will be added to the bottom panel. You can also select multiple addresses by holding Ctrl or Shift while clicking on them.

  • In the bottom panel, double-click on the value of the memory address(es) you selected and change it to whatever amount of money you want. You can also check the "Freeze" box to prevent the value from changing in the game.

  • In Soukoku no Arterial, check your money amount again. It should be changed to what you entered in Cheat Engine.

You can use this method for other values that are easy to find, such as experience points or card levels. Just make sure to select the appropriate "Value Type" for each value. For example, experience points are usually stored as "Float" values, while card levels are usually stored as "Byte" values.

Using the "Unknown initial value" Option

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