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Mature Pervert Gallery

This gay porn picture gallery - Old cocks give young asses a lesson! was found on at Oct 05 2015. It contains 15 gay pics and has been watched 1747 times in total and 321 times today.This gallery is tagged with: Ass, Doggystyle, Gay, Perverted, Student, Young.

mature pervert gallery

His pace quickened and he nearly took to his heels, but I waylaid him at the corner next to Krishniah Chetty and snatched his phone. He had managed to lock it and pretended not to know the passcode; I began yelling for him to show me the picture gallery, asking how dare he click my photo. Hands trembling, he answered with a shaky voice, "Sister, I have not taken any photos. Why will I do such a thing?"

I insisted he show me the gallery, but he pretended not to know what I meant, so I grabbed the phone and went through it anyway. I was aghast to find not just my photo (which he clicked moments earlier), but almost 20-25 photos of OTHER RANDOM WOMEN he had snapped on the same street in the past few hours!

I lost it and began screaming at the top of my voice. Of course, a crowd gathered (mostly out of curiosity and little else) and my friends also rushed up to us. I flagged down a passing traffic constable and explained the situation to him; he immediately informed his law-and-order counterparts and I accompanied him as he brought the pervert down to the Commercial Street police station. I phoned my colleague too, who came by to help immediately.

We were met there by the staff and police inspector, who listened very patiently and found out that the pervert's name is Manoj Roy, and that he is a native of Kolkata. An employee of a sales and marketing firm in Chennai for the last six years, he is apparently unmarried and had moved to a rented house in Kamakshipalya, Bengaluru a month ago.

When asked what he had planned to do with the pictures, he stayed mum - but cops said he would have circulated them on Facebook and WhatsApp and maybe even morphed the images on various websites, as a majority of these perverts tend to do.

Far too many women stay silent or brush aside such incidents, thinking there's no need for the unnecessary drama - but they couldn't be more wrong. If we don't stand up for ourselves and take action against such perverts, they will never stop. 041b061a72


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