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Rezo Kudryavtsev
Rezo Kudryavtsev

Colorvision Spyder 2 Serial Number |WORK|

Informative - At the end of each display monitor calibration, an information window is displayed which shows the results of the calibration and includes a wealth of information about the display such as the measured color gamut, grayscale color tracking, Delta-E, and luminance values. Additional information about the display monitor such as the model name, serial number and the total number of hours that it has been in use are also displayed.

Colorvision Spyder 2 Serial Number

Once complete, plug the SpyderX into a powered USB port and launch the software. Hidden deep in the bottom of the SpyderX package, beneath the unit, is a 16-digit serial number which is also your License Code. Enter it when requested to activate your system and start your warranty term.


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