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Gabriel Anderson
Gabriel Anderson

Shanky Technologies Poker Bot Crack

i can go on and on but i think you get the idea. for players, the inability to buy a poker bot is just another limitation in playing poker. poker is in no way, shape or form handicapped by people playing and teaching our pro(bot)s. it is a hard business and it takes time to do it right. the struggle is real.

shanky technologies poker bot crack

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there are numerous poker bot writers and programmers out there who will tell you there is no difference between the best of bots. the results vary, but they will all say it is all about the right programming and theory. it truly is a very complex subject. and some day they will be replaced by something even better.

why this development is so important: it is the single most important development in the game of hold'em since the advent of the wide variety of poker software that exist today. a scenario exists, somewhat proven, which is based on the historic fact that there is no good long term strategy.

anyway, if you truly must play the game with a robot, the least you could hope for is to "suck" at poker. here's the reason this is important for the game of hold'em, nothing has changed in the rule of play.

firstly, playing hold'em with a poker bot is still play against a human. secondly, even if you don't understand what the bot is doing, you still play against a human. the main difference is, yes, the money is all yours. the human plays to eke out a win against you. so, in that respect, you're already winning. thirdly, playing the game against a human with a btot will change your game dramatically. you will almost always, win money against the bot. again, an important point, you are playing head to head against a machine.


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