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Rezo Kudryavtsev
Rezo Kudryavtsev


I have been driving for more than 5 decades and have yet to total one vehicle. My siblings and other relatives have the same experience. While such accidents happen they are rare. Even rarer for good drivers.



Auto dealer F&I managers are schooled in various word tracks and props which they use to instill fear in the minds of a car buyer. They rely upon the fact those buyers only have a few minutes to consider the purchase of those F&I products. They hope this limited time period will result in the buyer will not have sufficient time to fully consider the product and its benefits or lack of benefits. Buying anything under such conditions is rarely a good thing.

How are you suppose to get a good deal on a car in this hot used car market when the dealer knows if they just wait, they will get their asking price in a week or so? I recently had a salesman tell me that.

I did my best these last few weeks to schedule all meetings as walking meetings. When possible I located those meetings in Central Park and walked 120 blocks south along the Hudson just to get to the meeting. Those were good days.

I have just made a mental list of all the bosses I have had in my forty years of work. Some were pretty good; others were simply awful. Nowadays, the latter are also in the majority. One survey has found that 77% of employees are stressed out at some point, because their bosses are bad!

Sometimes, a bad boss will do everything to shift the blame on to an unfortunate team leader or member, when the faulty decision was definitely his. Now the good boss will admit mistakes and openly walk staff through the analysis of failure and the lessons to be learned. He is a great model for employees to follow and this will discourage them from playing the blame game.

Many bosses, once they rise to the dizzy heights of executive level, would never dream of dirtying their hands with menial tasks. But a really good boss knows what exactly is going on and is prepared to do even boring jobs. It is an excellent way of keeping in touch with reality in the workplace and is a also a great way to bond with staff.

Some bosses never really want to dirty their hands with actually coaching workers on how to do certain jobs. They feel that workers need to learn themselves. Yet the secret of wise management is that the good boss knows when to step in and teach and when to be just a helpful presence on the sidelines.

If you really feel part of the team and know that respect, integrity and trust are actually put into practice, then you have a good boss. The boss will be the driving force in creating this atmosphere which in turn will lead to higher morale and greater motivation.

Some bosses steer clear of empowerment as they feel that workers could start to run the whole company. Insecure bosses want to stay in control. But a good boss knows that by encouraging staff to make changes to improve services, production and finances, then it will be a win-win situation for everyone.

been fidling with car stereo for about 6 years now, and i have heard many things about grounding!i personally have always grounded my amplifier directly to the pole on the battery with pretty good results! never ever had any generator whine or sounds coming from my speakers !!or it was one time, but that was because of the cablesho. it was not fastned good enough, but after that was fixed, everything was good!many have always said to me this: you must ground in your chassie or else you will fry your amplifier!guess what ! got 4 agm batteries now and a zero8 osprey B2 amp in my car, and everything is hooked up to the batteries! i must mention that i i am driving a volvo v70 where the batteries is in the back. haha..also herd from people that i am dumb and clueless because of my choice of where i put the grounding! i find it strange that i have never EVER killed one amp, when others that i know who have grounded in the chassied have had their amplifier die ..many might disagree with me, but when you ground in the battery, the grounding signal goes directly into the amp from there instead of the chassie !if you use the chassie, the signal is supposed to go through every weldingpoint and frame etc!yes i do know that the battery is grounded in the frame!! but still..i don`t want to start a disgussion here, but i want your opinion..

Yes, miraculously, Westworld is good again, provided nothing goes horribly sideways in the back half of the fourth season. Season 4 has tapped into what once made the show so compelling, but is it too late to become the game-changer we expected, or can it make good on the promise of that first season and take us somewhere new?

Establishing a regular sleep schedule is crucial when it comes to studying and learning how to get good grades in high school. Try to wake up and go to bed at the same times and get at least 8 hours of sleep each night.

"I'm just trying to win," Embiid said. "Just trying to rack up as many wins as we can. Just trying to get the group together and doing our job, like tonight. Down 12 -- we've had to fight all season long -- coming back, and it's good to see. So, my teammates, they are making my job easy. They have a lot of trust in me, them and the coaches, but we're doing this as a team."

Learning this game requires working from the hole backward, even when putting. Paris started by learning how to perfect her short-range putting first, and then gradually moved farther away from the cup. It builds a good foundation for the rest of your game. 041b061a72


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