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Gabriel Anderson
Gabriel Anderson

Bttf Hill Valley Version 0.2f Download

hello i want a little help please and a suggestion. first of all I need you to answer me because it does not allow me to enter the pay and spray that is next to the place where the deloreans are because when I go there when I finish my trip in time and I am smoking my delorean and when I go where I enter obviously and it doesn't let me and then I want to change screen resolutions to which I can go with better performance since there are some lows of FPS but it is not the big thing only when sometimes I focus on the city I mean when I see posters, gas stations and etc. how to make the resolution available so that I can change it and have better performance as I said at the beginning since I need it with pleasure and a map because it is next to vice city and I do not know where the pay and sprays of the city will be hill valley so I appreciate a lot those controls, the basic guide and other things that stand out like putting Marty Mcfly and Doc that are quite well designed all that is great but I just need those two things because ue as you know there are some problems but they are not a big deal but sorry for the inconvenience sir modder to back to the future hahaha

bttf hill valley version 0.2f download


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