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My Babysitter's A Vampire - Season 1

Vanessa Morgan confirmed via Twitter that there will be a second season.[8] It was later confirmed and that it consisted of 13 episodes.[9] Season 2 began filming on September 21, 2011 and wrapped up on November 15, 2011. Season 2 was produced by Byron A. Martin who also acted as 2nd Unit Director on numerous episodes.Disney Channel announced they would pick it up again for a second season.[10]

My Babysitter's A Vampire - Season 1

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After Ethan, Benny, and Sarah boast about being able to handle their adventures on their own, they each wake up alone, trapped in separate dimensions where they must face their own fears. Sarah's fear is becoming an evil, bloodthirsty vampire, Benny's is a psychotic dentist robot from a scary movie, and Ethan is chased by a cloaked figure. The three find a way to come together, and escape with Erica's help. Benny's grandma reveals that she was the one who put them in their own universe to show them they needed each other. However, Ethan was supposed to be alone in his dimension, as his fear is losing his friends; Benny's grandma had not summoned any cloaked creature. She theorizes that this means danger is coming.

In part 1 of the 2-part series finale, Ethan discovers through a vision that the Cloaked Attacker from episode "Independence Daze" is after the Lucifractor, something greatly feared. Due to a bet with Benny, Ethan asks Sarah on a date and she agrees. Benny and Rory work together to find the Lucifractor during Ethan's dinner date with Sarah at a vampire restaurant. Ethan is dragged into a telepathic link with Jesse, who tells him the purpose of the Lucifractor: to drain dark energy, including what is needed to keep vampires alive. After Rory nearly collapses from touching the Lucifractor, Benny drags him to the restaurant and Ethan uses the Lucifractor to trap its keeper. He brings it to school with him to safeguard it but the weapon is taken by Vice Principal Stern, who places it in a box with the same symbol as the one on the Attacker's cloak.

In part 2 of the 2-part series finale, Ethan has a vision in which Stern tells him that he plans to use the Lucifractor to take back Whitechapel from the vampires who stole the town and the weapon from his family. Ethan starts seeing everyone as dead people. Grandma reveals that Stern put a spell on him to weaken him so that he is seeing his worst fear. He can win if he finds something stronger than fear. Ethan goes into a panic attack but Benny and Sarah calm him down. He holds their hands, which ends the fear-binding spell. Jesse joins them at Ethan's request. At the Vampire Council, Benny, controlled by Stern, attacks them but Ethan saves him. Ethan goes into Stern's mind and tells him he is weak. Angry, Stern begins absorbing the power. Outside of town, Erica and Rory watch the huge explosion going off as the head of the vampire council forces them to flee with all the other vampires. It is unknown if Sarah, Ethan, Benny, and Jesse survived.

This season follows best friends, Ethan and Benny as they join forces with their fledgling beauty of a babysitter, Sarah, to fight and destroy creatures that go bump in the night. All without raising the suspicions of Mom, Dad.... and the entire town of Whitechapel.

The course of her life changed when she was bit by her then-boyfriend, the vampire Jesse, who transformed her into a fledgling. While dealing with being a fledgling, Sarah meets Ethan Morgan and Benny Weir and the three of them defeat Jesse, who is revealed to be an evil cult leader with a plan to feast on the blood of the residents of Whitechapel, Ontario. Since Sarah refused to drink blood, she remained a fledgling; although this would normally lead to her death after 30 days as a fledgling, she states she is able to survive thanks to Benny's grandmother Evelyn Weir, who provided her with a human blood substitute.[1] She also is seen to feed on small animals such as rats as a fledgling.

Sara remained a fledgling until the season one finale ReVamped, when she sacrifices her remaining humanity to prevent Ethan from turning into a fledgling by sucking out the venom from where Jesse bit Ethan.

After a few months of traveling around between the events of seasons one and two, Sarah returns to Whitechapel for a new school year.[2] In the time that she was gone, Sarah was seemingly able to accept her status as a full vampire, although she is still adjusting to it, particularly in dealing with the The Vampire Council.

(Best Friend 2010-Present; Boyfriend 2012-Present[not confirmed])Ethan is one of Sarah's best friends. Ethan is known to have a crush on Sarah, and Sarah has also shown some affection for Ethan, if just caring for him as a friend. and saying things like his she once said that Ethan smelled good, though she was referring to his blood, which Ethan said back (Blood Drive). She has never called Ethan insulting names such as dumb, unlike her relationship with Benny, who she does insult.[3] When under the influence of Benny's love potion, Sarah says that she's Ethan's girlfriend, that she loves him, and that Ethan is cute.[4] In the finale of season one, Sarah bit Ethan to save him despite the fact she would get turned into a real vampire.[5] This shows that Sarah does care for Ethan, although she often denies this. She also allows Ethan to hold her hand while taking him home,[6] and compliments him, calling him a fashionista[7] and a romantic,[8] and telling him his blood smells good.[3] When under the influence of Tunguuk's Mask, as Jakeward and Rochelle from Dusk, Sarah and Ethan almost kiss before the mask is destroyed by Benny (as El Merlo Loco).[9]

In the season two finale, Ethan and Sarah go on a date, after Ethan acts on his feelings and asks Sarah out.[10] They became a couple for a short period of time, going to a date at a fancy restaurant at which Ethan has made reservations. The date ended when the guardian of The Lucifractor attacked them and they were forced to face the threat, a situation Sarah humorously commented on repeatedly. In the finale, Benny's Grandma also remarks to Sarah and Ethan that, "Sarah is the one [Ethan] want[s] to protect most," and, "whatever teenage nonsense is going on... [they] care about each other."

Sarah went out with Jesse when they met in the Dusk fan club. At some point in their relationship, Jesse revealed that he was a vampire and bit Sarah, turning her into a fledgling; this causes Sarah to lose interest in him.[1] In the episode ReVamped, Jesse returns asking Sarah to join him once more, which she declines, almost staking him in the heart in the process.[5]

Sarah and Erica are best friends, and have been since before the start of the series. Although Sarah is mad at Erica when she becomes a full vampire and works with Jesse,[1] the two make up and are friends throughout the series. Sarah tries to prevent Erica from harming others by feeding on their blood, while Erica tries to convince Sarah to drink human blood and become a full vampire (before the finale of season one).

"Double Negative" (also known as "Jilly Putty") is episode 5 in season 1 of My Babysitter's a Vampire. It first aired on July 5, 2011 on Disney Channel, March 16, 2011 on Teletoon and March 2, 2011 on Télétoon (French). It features the only appearance of Hannah Price,Evil Hannah,and Evil Benny

My Babysitter's A Vampire is an American sitcom created by Kristoff105 and Riley300. On December 27, 2014, more episodes were gonna premiere, as a season 2 of the series. On January 26, 2014, Kristoff105 and Riley300 made an agreement to add a third season to the series. Characters: John Parks (Ben Lyner) Sarah Fangsly (Marianna Caster) Billy Parks (Zane Myclane) Ella Masoning (Bella Zinbowly) Ella Masoning ( Bella Zinbowly) will be guest starring in season 2 from episode 1 to 15. On February 27, 2014, Riley300 renewed the series for a 4th and final season.

"ReVamped" also known as "Jesse's Girl" is episode 13 and season finale in season one of My Babysitter's a Vampire: The Series. It first aired on July 19, 2011 on Disney Channel and April 5, 2012 on Teletoon. This episode takes place three months after the events of the movie. It features the returning appearance of Jesse.

The first season finale begins with Benny and Ethan, mostly Benny waiting on the pizza man. Benny asks Ethan what his ride should be for the "Fly Off To The Moon" dance where Ethan admits that he may not go because of what happened when Sarah was possessed. Something on the news, catches Benny and Ethan's eyes about some missing persons. When Benny says what about his missing pizza and goes to call the pizza place. Meanwhile Erica walking alone on the streets at night, spotting a human couple and planning to feed on them. Her thoughts are interrupted, however by a certain someone. The next day, Sarah tries her best to study for a make-up test with Ethan to quiz her. Instead of studying, however, Sarah mostly laments about how Ethan will grow up to get a job, get married, and have kids while Sarah has nothing and will be stuck as a 17-year-old forever. Ethan has a vision of Sarah getting lost in fog and drinking blood from a body upon her

touching him, and Sarah leaves the house shortly after. While Sarah is walking home, she has an encounter with Jesse who proposes to her to travel the world with him, if she turns into a real vampire. Sarah pretends to consider it, but she tells the boys who find out for themselves when Ethan has a vision of Jesse returning. On the night of the school dance, the gang plans to take down Jesse again which ends up backfiring when Jesse puts Erica in a trance and attacks the trio beside two other vampires that he brought as backup in case Sarah refused his offer. Ethan and Benny manage to kill two of the vampires and Sarah frees Erica from Jesse's control, but the entire plan goes to waste when Jesse bites Ethan, leaving Sarah with the choice to save Ethan and become a full vampire, or let Ethan become a fledgling. Sarah takes her chances and sucks the venom out of Ethan as well as turning herself into a vampire and letting Jesse win. In the end, Ethan feels guilty that Sarah sacrificed her only hope of a cure for his safety. Outside, Erica, and Rory welcome Sarah into 'Team V'(Vampire) and promise they'll always be there for Sarah once she's ready. The three of them then zoom into the sky and fly away. 041b061a72


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