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Actual Window Manager v8.2, free download the most powerful window management tool



Actual Window Manager v8.2


  • 多屏幕支持你可以在多个显示器之间移动或复制你的窗口或者将一个窗口跨越多个屏幕显示

  • 虚拟桌面你可以创建多个虚拟桌面每个桌面可以有不同的背景图标和应用程序你可以随时切换到任意一个桌面

  • 窗口设置你可以为每个窗口设置大小位置透明度标题栏最小化/最大化/关闭按钮等属性或者为不同类型的窗口设置不同的规则

  • 窗口操作你可以使用快捷键鼠标手势或者菜单栏来对窗口进行各种操作如移动调整大小置顶最小化到托盘滚动捕捉等

  • 其他功能你还可以使用实际窗口管理器v8.2来管理你的剪贴板屏幕截图桌面分区文件夹标签等功能

实际窗口管理器v8.2是一款兼容Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP等系统的软件它支持多国语言包括中文它有一个简洁易用的界面让你可以轻松地配置和使用它它还有一个完善的帮助文档和在线支持让你可以随时解决你遇到的问题




Actual Window Manager v8.2 free download, make your desktop more efficient

Do you often open multiple windows on your computer, but don't know how to effectively manage them? Do you want to freely switch between multiple screens, or create virtual desktops to group your applications? Do you want to customize the size, position, transparency, title bar and other properties of your windows? If your answer is yes, then you definitely need Actual Window Manager v8.2.

Actual Window Manager v8.2 is a powerful window management tool that allows you to perform various operations on your windows, improve your work efficiency and save your time. Its main features are:

Multi-screen support: You can move

  • or copy your windows between multiple monitors, or span a window across multiple screens.

  • Virtual desktops: You can create multiple virtual desktops, each with different backgrounds, icons and applications, and you can switch to any desktop at any time.

  • Window settings: You can set the size, position, transparency, title bar, minimize/maximize/close buttons and other properties for each window, or set different rules for different types of windows.

  • Window operations: You can use shortcut keys, mouse gestures or menu bars to perform various operations on windows, such as moving, resizing, pinning, minimizing to tray, scrolling, snapping, etc.

  • Other features: You can also use Actual Window Manager v8.2 to manage your clipboard, screenshots, desktop partitions, folder tabs and other functions.

Actual Window Manager v8.2 is a software compatible with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP and other systems. It supports multiple languages, including Chinese. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface that allows you to easily configure and use it. It also has a comprehensive help document and online support that allows you to solve any problems you encounter at any time.

If you want to download Actual Window Manager v8.2 for free, just click on the link below and you can start experiencing this amazing software. Don't hesitate, act now!

Click here to download Actual Window Manager v8.2 for free c5e3be4c90


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