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Electrical Power Quality Book Free Download [BETTER]

In the present day deregulated power market electric power quality issues have become great concerns of utilities, end users and manufacturers. Worldwide researches are going on to address those issues. Electric Power Quality has evolved from the researches carried out by the authors.

Electrical Power Quality Book Free Download

The key features of the book can be highlighted as follows: the contents focuses, on one hand, different power quality issues, their sources and effects and different related standards, which are required for students, researchers and practising engineers and, on the other hand, measurement techniques for different power quality parameters, the content level is designed in such a way that the concepts of different power quality issues in modern power system are built up first, followed by some existing and new measurement methods. This content should attract the students, researchers and practising engineers, the predominant features are Lucid but concise description of the subject, detailed new measurement techniques and Electric Power Quality is intended for graduate, postgraduate and researchers as well as for professionals in the related fields.

Madhuchhanda Mitra has obtained B. Sc. Degree in Physics Honours, B. Tech., M. Tech. and Ph. D. Degree in Electrical Engineering from Univerisity of Calcutta. She has authored more than 60 papers published in international journal and proceedings of international conference. She is the recipient of many best paper awards in national and international level. Presently she is readerr in the Department of Applied Physics, University of Calcutta. Her field of interest power quality and medical instrumentation. She has coauthored a book on PLC and industrial automation.

With a unique AutoTrend feature you can get fast insight into power quality changes over time. Every displayed reading is automatically and continuously recorded without having to set up threshold levels or having to manually start the process so you can quickly view trends in voltage, current, frequency, power, harmonics or flicker on all three phases plus neutral.

Power quality issues can affect the operation of critical loads and have a negative impact on your bottom line. Think of the Fluke 435-II Power Quality and Energy Analyzer as your insurance policy. Calculate the cost of wasted energy due to poor power quality and troubleshoot the source of power quality or motor performance issues all with a single test tool designed to give you the data you need to quickly get to the root of the problem.

The Fluke 434-II Energy Analyzer helps you understand your overall energy consumption and quantify how much energy loss is costing your facility. The Fluke 435-II Power Quality and Energy Analyzer includes the same great features of the 434-II while adding advanced power quality functionality for more in depth troubleshooting. If you need the same advanced functionality as the 435-II a higher frequency, the Fluke 437-II is the must-have power quality analyzer for 400 Hz power systems. Lastly, the Fluke 438-II Power Quality and Motor Analyzer includes all the power quality and energy analysis capabilities that the Fluke 435-II has as well as the ability to measure mechanical motor parameters such as motor speed, torque and mechanical power without the need of mechanical sensors.

The ITER Project selected ETAP as the electrical analysis tool for several reasons. The U.S.nuclear qualification ensures high level of quality. Moreover, in an internationalenvironment like ITER, ETAP demonstrated a high level of support in all the countriesinvolved in the project.

Using ETAP software in our electric power course provides students with a unique experiencein analyzing real world electric system issues. They have a great opportunity to simulate andstudy issues common in industrial plants and electric utility systems with state-of-the-artsoftware. ETAP better equips our students to advance in their chosen field of interest. Asgraduates they are better prepared and trained in electrical system design and analysis.

Description:Nowadays, the increasing use of power electronics equipment origins important distortions. In this book the reader will be introduced to the harmonics analysis from the real measurement data and to the study of different industrial environments and electronic devices.

For last couple of decades, the demand for electrical power has increased manifold. As we have limited resources of power generation, it results into heavy loading of the transmission line, which leads to stability, voltage sag/swell and reactive power issues. Application of FACTS controllers in a power system is a promising and more efficient way for transfer and control of a bulk amount of power. This paper focuses on voltage dependency on reactive power and control of the same for improvement in the power quality. A comparative analysis of steady-state power flow control of a power system transmission network using FACTS controllers namely SVC, STATCOM and TCSC are performed. The performance of these FACTS controllers in the control of power flow on a given test bus system is analyzed. Voltage magnitude is compared for shunt-connected controllers to analyze the efficiency. Reactance modeling and power injection modeling techniques are used to incorporate the FACTS controllers into Newton-Raphson load flow algorithm. Numerical results on a benchmark 5 bus test system with incorporation of each of the FACTS controllers are presented.


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